April 2020 - As we enter April, Mars and Saturn are newly in Aquarius and separating from a conjunction, and we’re entering a strange new world. The rules of the game are changing, and the wheel of fortune is turning, asking that we get grounded and know where we stand and what we stand for.

On April 3, Venus enters Gemini and Mercury meets Neptune in Pisces, bringing enticing opportunities, conversations, and choices. A situation is stabilizing, but move slowly. Not all is as it seems.

On the fourth, Venus trines Saturn on the same day that Jupiter makes its first conjunction (of three) to Pluto this year. This is the beginning of a yearlong phase of total transformation in the area of your life ruled by Capricorn.

On a collective global level, we’re seeing the underbelly of corporations, government, and structures that were meant to protect but now are an oppressive influence. In your personal life, this is a chance to become aware of conditioning that subconsciously controls your actions and choices. No one can have power over you unless you give it away.

Huge opportunities are arising to transform and reclaim your power in a situation that has had you in its grip. Consciously release conditioning surrounding success, failure, authority figures, and power, and dig deeper for your integrity. Pluto works in the shadows, and with Mercury conjoining Neptune at this time, not all is as it seems. Reach for your most optimistic vision, but also be willing to take both success and failure with a grain of salt.

On April 7, the Libra full moon opposes the sun in Aries, suggesting the need for balance and harmony in a situation. We’re at the end of a cycle, and Libra is highlighting our relationships. With Mars in a square to Uranus, there’s a sense of sudden, unexpected developments coming out of left field. There could be sudden breakups or breakthroughs that move situations to a new level.

Most significantly, Venus, the ruler of the lunation, enters shadow phase on the eighth. We’re getting a glimpse of a story that will be playing out over the coming months of her retrograde phase.

Midmonth, the sun squares the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, marking a profound turning point from events unfolding at the time of the full moon. This is a growing, maturing, and sobering moment, asking you to integrate and embody the wisdom of your experiences.

By April 19, the sun enters Taurus, and we’re moving to the Taurus new moon three days later. The energy shifts from passionate to earthy and sensual, asking that we slow down and dig deep for our values. Uproot the weeds and situations that sap your energy and keep you stuck in a rut or in the past.

As the month progresses, the sun squares Saturn and meets Uranus, with Mercury following in its footsteps, suggesting we’re turning a powerful corner and reaching a series of breakthroughs. Sudden, unpredictable developments are unfolding and shaking the foundations of your life, or the area of your life ruled by Taurus.

Taurus doesn’t like sudden changes, but try to remain detached and avoid clinging to anything that seems to be falling away. The more you can let go of surface material attachments, the more you can discover what’s truly solid and valuable in a situation. This is the beginning of a cycle of discovering and growing in inner strength, resourcefulness, self-sufficiency, interconnectedness, and emotional and financial abundance.

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